Fixed Income

Deep expertise and unwavering commitment to the fixed-income market.

Through our experienced, dedicated fixed-income sales force and proven underwriting capabilities, we provide high-quality distribution for our issuing clients and optimized execution for investors.

Convertible Bonds Trading and Sales

Convertible Bonds Trading and Sales

Our dedicated team specializes in the underwriting, sales, and trading of convertible securities. We maintain an extensive inventory of convertibles and actively market hundreds of securities for convertible and crossover accounts.
Municipal Trading

Municipal Trading and Underwriting

We are a trusted partner to municipal issuers and investors. As one of the leading national underwriters of municipal debt, we are committed to helping issuers of all sizes minimize their borrowing costs. We maintain an active inventory of investment-grade municipal bonds and serve as underwriter on competitive negotiated issues and as remarketing agent for variable-rate issues. We possess broad distribution capability through our Chicago and New York institutional sales force as well as our retail network.
Preferred Stock Sales and Trading

Preferred Stock

As market makers in more than 460 preferred securities, our team provides liquidity and market information for our clients. We maintain a healthy inventory of taxable and tax-advantaged preferred stocks, and we actively participate as underwriters and distributors for new issues.
Taxable Trading and Sales

Taxable Trading and Sales

As an underwriter of corporate debt issues and by maintaining an inventory of corporate, asset-backed, and mortgage bonds, we facilitate institutional and retail trading of taxable debt securities through our experienced sales force.