Zurich Office Rolls Up Its Sleeves to Serve Neighbors

Employees in William Blair & Company’s Zurich office teamed up for a day of service on the farm at the Stiftung Wagerenhof (Stiftung Institute). The institute provides housing and employment for more than 250 residents with mental and physical disabilities.

Stiftung put William Blair’s people to work building a fence for the institute’s farm, which provides therapy opportunities for the residents and produces food that is sold to the public. In addition to the roles on the farm, the institute also employs the residents in jobs related to catering, crafting, laundry, and cleaning, as well as running and maintaining a flower shop and food stand open to the public. After completing the fence, William Blair’s team helped herd cattle from a nearby field and brought them back to the institute’s farm.

William Blair is committed to being a long-term partner to the communities where we live and work.

Zurich Charity DayZurich Charity Day