Christine R

Christine R.

Investment Banking Associate, Healthcare
Education: Miami University
Joined William Blair: 2014
Other experience: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

My Typical Day as a William Blair Intern

  • Wake up.
  • Walk over to the office with a few other interns, usually at desk around 8:30-8:45am.
  • Log into computer and check e-mails; Respond to any e-mails with timely follow-up requests.
  • Print out materials for a 9am meeting; Show up to conference room 5mins before meeting to ensure materials are in front of every seat.  Listen attentively and take detailed notes during meeting.
  • Grab some coffee and take a quick glance at the news/work on some one-off projects for my MD.
  • Perform some individual research for a pitch I was recently staffed on.
  • Step out of the office to grab a quick lunch.
  • Eat lunch at my desk while working on the latest turn of a Management Presentation from one of my deal teams.
  • Submit edits of the presentation to my Associate and await his comments.
  • Dial in to my afternoon conference call with the management team of our client as we discuss relevant financial detail concerning their updated revenue model.
  • Contact the library regarding a research report necessary to complete some industry overview slides for a pitch.
  • Update a comparable companies analysis model and corresponding slides for the pitch.
  • Order dinner with the other interns and take an hour out of our schedule to eat together in a conference room.
  • Turn through my Associate’s comments on the Management Presentation from earlier in the day and edit the document as necessary.
  • Finish compiling initial bids for an M&A deal that flooded in throughout the day and create a summary presentation for my MD.
  • Ensure all emails are sent and all items on my to-do list have been completed for the day.
  • Organize the miscellaneous scraps of paper and old presentations covering my desk so I can start the next day with a clean desk.
  • Grab a taxi and go home for the night.  Squeeze in a quick workout at the 24/7 gym in my apartment building.  Shower, pick out my outfit for the next day, and go to sleep.

My Favorite Part of the Summer Intern Program

My favorite part of the summer intern program was definitely the hands-on experience I was provided with, along with the ability to network and ultimately land a full time offer at the conclusion of the summer. William Blair’s high-quality summer internship program allows interns to experience working on live deals alongside experienced senior bankers and clients. The team spirit and collegial environment at Blair also made me feel comfortable to voice my opinion and speak up during team meetings. In addition to networking inside the office, the intern program also enables summer analysts to network with senior bankers at various events including happy hours and a Cubs game rooftop outing.

I appreciated how my internship at William Blair provided me with a real-life experience and an accurate portrayal of a full-time career within the firm. I was staffed on various pitches and live deals throughout the summer, and given increasing levels of responsibility that enabled me to grow and learn more about the business. It was because of this realistic experience that I was able to come to the conclusion that I wanted to start my full-time career at William Blair after completing my bachelor’s degree.