Eugin L.

Investment Banking Analyst, Healthcare
Education: Northwestern University
Joined William Blair: 2017 (2016 intern)
Other experience: Jones Day
Barnett Capital

Eugin shares a sample day in the life during his summer internship as an investment banking analyst.

Morning to afternoon (8:00/9:00 a.m. to 5:00/6:00 p.m.)

  • Wake up, get ready, and head to the office, while enjoying the beautiful Chicago summer weather.
  • Arrive at the office, grab breakfast and a cup of coffee.
  • Check my email inbox to read through emails and calendar invites; respond to any timely follow-up requests, write out my to-do list for the morning/afternoon.
  • Catch up with deal teams to see if there are any projects I can help with.
  • Get ready for a meeting/call and ­print out copies of the meeting deck and ensure everyone has a copy five minutes before the call/meeting begins.
  • Listen attentively and take detailed notes during the meeting; circulate those notes to the deal team.
  • Create slides for the confidential information presentation and submit to my analyst/associate for review.
  • Grab lunch with other summer interns/analysts/associates outside.
  • Contact the library regarding research reports and information about a company to create a public information book for a senior banker.
  • Receive feedback from my analysts/associate on my slides and turn comments.
  • Dial-in to my afternoon conference call with the client and my senior bankers to discuss strategies on approaching potential financial and strategic buyers and updates on the marketing timeline

Evening (6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m./12:00 a.m.)

  • Create the public information book using the research provided by the library and double-check everything before sending it to the senior banker.
  • Get dinner with other summer interns/analysts/associates.
  • Help build out projections for the DCF model for a deal and submit to my analyst/associate.
  • Attend summer analyst social event (e.g., improv show, Whirlyball, Cubs game, networking event).
  • Receive feedback on my work, make edits accordingly, and submit back to my analyst/associate.
  • Head home and continue working from home, if necessary.