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Salvino Team

Financial Advisor Team

At William Blair, we build portfolios by building relationships with our clients. Through ongoing dialogue, we provide customized wealth management solutions built on investment expertise and an unwavering focus on your evolving needs.

The team was named to Research Magazine The Winner’s Circle, The Top-Ranked Advisor Teams in America, 2008.

The Salvino Team consists of:

Al Salvino, Partner, Wealth Advisor, +1 312 364 8731, asalvino@williamblair.com, vCard

John Salvino, Partner, Wealth Advisor, CFP®, +1 312 364 5360, jsalvino@williamblair.com, vCard

Tom Salvino, Partner, Wealth Advisor, CFP®, +1 312 364 8983, tsalvino@williamblair.com, vCard

Sep Account Mutual Fund SICAV CIT
  • Disclosure        

    Published in the September 2008 issue of Research Magazine. Awarded to the Salvino Financial Advisory Team. The Winner’s Circle is an organization independent of the firms involved and does not receive compensation from the over 100 participating firms or its affiliates, financial advisors, or the media in exchange for ranking purposes. Each advisor on the Research Magazine list was filtered down from a national list from securities firms, banks, independent firms, and more. The Winner’s Circle team vetted each Series 7 registered advisor through a host of quantitative and qualitative criteria, including assets managed, revenues, experience levels, acceptable compliance records, U4 forms, discussions with management, and more. Because client portfolios vary and are typically unaudited, portfolio performance is not a criteria; instead, The Winner’s Circle focuses on customer satisfaction and client retention. The Winner’s Circle is a registered trademark of The Winner’s Circle, LLC. For more information about The Winner’s Circle or to nominate an advisor, visit www.WCorg.com. We categorized teams into three structures: horizontal teams, which consists of two or more advisors who do most of their business together, with each owning significant stakes; vertical teams consist of one primary advisor; and family teams—we decided to eliminate the two-person parent-child team in favor of husband-wife teams and those teams with three or more closely related individuals, which includes cousins and in-laws.