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At William Blair, we are passionate about the profession of investment management. We are an independent, 100% active employee-owned firm with no distractions from our sole priority: creating strong, risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

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We must seek out diverse inputs, thoughts, and experiences. These voices, together, can improve decision-making and success.

Technological disruption is facilitating globalization. It is also changing the human experience, which is one of the causes of the rise of populism.

With the possibility of 5% bond yields looming in the United States, what would provoke us into either buying or selling U.S. Treasuries?

William Blair names Blake Pontius, CFA, to a new role as director of sustainable investing.

It's easy to look back on market catalysts and say, "We should have known." But we believe it's too difficult to know ahead of time, so we seek to identify environments that are susceptible to catalysts.

As malicious actors realize the value of data, the need for enhanced IT security has dramatically increased, creating investment opportunities in the cybersecurity sector.