Our research analysts offer in-depth analysis of stocks across the market-cap spectrum, albeit with a particular focus on small- and midcap companies. We strive to identify best-of-breed companies that have promising long-term outlooks with attractive, sustainable earnings growth rates.

Analyst Matt Larew breaks up his analysis Medicare growth into three themes for the post-acute-care industry.

Technology analyst Ralph Schackart discusses trends in streaming content. It is estimated that global streaming video on demand revenues will continue to increase to $25.7 billion in 2021.

Despite tremendous growth in the wholesale and retail data center industries over the past five years, internet infrastructure and communications services analyst Jim Breen believes the industry is still in the early innings of a profound shift.

Consumer spending has undergone a marked shift over the past 15 years, as consumers have elected to spend less of their discretionary income on physical goods—such as cars, furniture, and clothing—and are reallocating this spending (at an accelerating rate) toward experiences, a trend consumer analyst Ryan Sundby believes will continue.

Retailers and brands have had to adjust their business models to deal with the rapid growth of e-commerce sales in the past few years. Although, many retailers may have realized the transformation too late to effectively evolve.

Analyst Ryan Daniels provides his expectations for developments in the healthcare marketplace. This year’s report comes at an interesting time, as recent administration changes should serve as a further catalyst for healthcare consumerism in the United States.

Analyst Anil Doradla discusses how the demand for higher bandwidth in Wi-Fi systems and more consistent wireless connections has created a need for complex antenna systems.

We examine President-elect Trump’s proposed income tax and estate tax policies and discuss how they could influence high-net-worth investors' 2016 year-end planning decisions.

Multi-industry analyst Nick Heymann believes that we are on the cusp of a large change in how investors view the diversified industrial sector. The industrial yellow brick road requires digital transformation to thrive in flat industrial economy.

In the quarterly Healthcare Mosaic Report, healthcare analyst Ryan Daniels takes a deep dive into the rapidly changing U.S. healthcare workforce and reports on demographics that are expected to drive a natural uptick in healthcare utilization.

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