Adherence to the Principles of The Korea Stewardship Code

At William Blair, we have a duty to act in the best interests of our clients by protecting and enhancing the economic value of their investments. Our approach to responsible ownership with regard to the guidelines set out in the Korea Stewardship Code, published by the Korea Stewardship Code Council on December 16, 2016.

Principle 1

Institutional investors, as a steward of assets entrusted by their clients, beneficiaries, etc., to take care of and manage, should formulate and publicly disclose a clear policy to faithfully implement their responsibilities.

Principle 2

Institutional investors should formulate and publicly disclose an effective and clear policy as to how to resolve actual or potential problems arising from conflicts of interest in the course of their stewardship activities.

Principle 3

Institutional investors should regularly monitor investee companies in order to enhance investee companies’ mid- to long-term value and thereby protect and raise their investment value.

Principle 4

While institutional investors should aim to form a consensus with investee companies, where necessary, they should formulate internal guidelines on the timeline, procedures, and methods for stewardship activities.

Principle 5

Institutional investors should formulate and publicly disclose a voting policy that includes guidelines, procedures, and detailed standards for exercising votes in a faithful manner, and publicly disclose voting records and the reasons for each vote so as to allow the verification of the appropriateness of their voting activities.

Principle 6

Institutional investors should regularly report their voting and stewardship activities to their clients or beneficiaries.

Principle 7

Institutional investors should have the capabilities and expertise required to implement stewardship responsibilities in an active and effective manner.

Korea Stewardship Code Adherence Statement (Korean)

Korea Stewardship Code Adherence Statement (English)

For additional information about William Blair's adherence to the Korea Stewardship Code and the attached brochure, please contact:

Blake Pontius, CFA
Global Portfolio Specialist

Stephanie Braming, CFA, Partner
Global Head of Investment Management