Mergermarket Report: Navigating the Modern Deal Processes

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Modern M&A moves at such a pace that a company can announce its availability to sellers and reasonably expect initial offers within weeks. In this competitive environment, speed and certainty of closing have become critical to winning deals.

In Navigating the Modern Deal Process: Closing the Deal, Managing Director Mike Siska and other senior executives from across the globe share insights on the most pressing issues they face during the closing phase, as well as the strategies they use to get deals back on track.

Key findings of this report include:

  • Respondents said that the speed to close has become the most important factor (16%) or a highly important factor (48%) on the sell-side of a deal.
  • Higher breakup fees (36%) and discounts to the purchase price (30%) are viewed as the best way to achieve faster closing times.
  • And 46% of respondents said they had worked on a deal in which the seller agreed to additional terms due to "seller fatigue," and 62% had seen sellers agree to a lower valuation.

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