Heather G.

Heather G.

Investment Mgmt.

How long have you worked here?



What do you do for William Blair?

I'm a National Accounts Director for Financial Institutions covering insurance, DCIO, and sub-advisory relationships.


What is your educational and work background prior to William Blair?

I have a bachelor of arts degree in business and economics from Hendrix College. Prior to William Blair, I worked at Stephens Inc. in Institutional Research Sales and at Mid-Ark Auto Auction as a Purchasing Agent


What do you like most about working at William Blair?

I like the independent ownership structure, collegial atmosphere, and long-term client partnerships.


Describe a "typical" day.

It can be anything from investment research due diligence work for existing clients or new client development, to contract work, operational work, across various financial structures and various financial strategies. It’s always a challenge, but fun.