Jonathan H.

Jonathan H.


When did you start at William Blair?



What do you do for William Blair?

I am an equity research analyst on the sell-side. My primary role is to conduct fundamental analysis of stocks to provide investment recommendations for our clients. My role is to truly understand the strategy, risks, and opportunities of the companies that I follow and to be a subject-matter expert on the broader industry.


What is your educational and work background prior to William Blair?

I worked as a lead engineer and project manager in the government IT consulting space. I have a B.S. in finance and a B.S. in management science and statistics from the University of Maryland at College Park, an M.S. in information and telecommunications systems from the Johns Hopkins University, and an M.B.A. in finance and accounting from the University of Chicago.


Describe a "typical" day.

There really is no typical day in sell-side research because of its event-driven nature. In general, however, my day begins with a review of the previous evening’s news, e-mails, and company announcements. Depending on the day, I then split my time between conference calls, client meetings, management meetings, writing reports, and industry events.


What has been your most interesting professional experience while working here?

I enjoy meeting with new companies and learning about new industries. I spent a significant amount of time preparing a large report on the cybersecurity industry in 2008 and 2009 and learned from that process that we were on the cusp of a fundamental shift in the cyber-threat environment. I have enjoyed seeing that thesis play out over the past few years.