Kaila K.

Kaila K.


When did you start at William Blair?



What do you do for William Blair?

I work as a junior associate in the equity research department, covering medical device companies.


What is your educational and work background prior to William Blair?

I completed my undergraduate work in Finance at The University of Iowa in May 2012, and began my career with William Blair right out of college. Before joining full-time, I worked as an equity research intern through the summer internship program at William Blair.


What do you like most about working at William Blair?

I really enjoy the people that I work with, and the overall firm culture. I have found that while each individual is motivated to build his or her own franchise and succeed, everyone genuinely wants to help others at the firm succeed as well.


Describe a "typical" day.

In healthcare, we attend annual medical conferences and talk with doctors on a regular basis (there is no better way to understand the interest in a new product than to talk to those in the operating room who have used it first-hand). Other day-to-day responsibilities include keeping up with company-specific and industry news, writing research notes, financial modeling, and advising clients when the analyst is unavailable.