Data points cannot come close to telling the full story of William Blair's approach to active management; our story is one defined by our constant evolution.

Disruption and innovation surround us, and if we aren't constantly adapting, if we don't change how we think about industries and opportunity sets, we do a disservice to our clients.

We constantly challenge the world view—in the way we think about the changing investment landscape, in the way we think about our opportunity set, in the way we seek to disrupt our processes and introduce tools and technologies.

We do so because we know the opportunities that are least obvious generally determine the best investment outcomes. We are, and will remain, aligned with your interests. Our long-term foundation aligns with your long-term investment objectives. Our stable environment helps retain top talent, ensuring the best investment minds are working on your behalf. And being 100% active-employee-owned creates total alignment with your interests.

To truly understand William Blair's enhanced approach to active management, please see our brochure, which explain how each of our five autonomous investment teams defines it within their strategies, delivering high-conviction active management in the pursuit of alpha and better client outcomes.

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