The Power of Outsourced Health Information Management

Monday, September 21, 2015

Outsourcing health information management (HIM) has emerged as a compelling solution to the immense challenges that hospitals face related to decreased reimbursement rates and other aspects of healthcare reform.

As hospitals become more aware of the potential costs savings and revenue enhancements of partnering with outside resources to implement and manage HIM systems and processes, the shift toward outsourced HIM departments will continue to gain momentum. As a result, leading small and mid-sized providers of HIM services will continue to draw strong interest from private equity firms and strategic acquirers. Precyse’s July 2015 sale to Pamplona Capital Management illustrates the high degree of interest that consolidators and financial sponsors have in HIM services and technology.

We have recently published two reports that examine the growing strategic importance of outsourced HIM:

  • Industry overview: This in-depth report describes the drivers of the ongoing shift toward outsourced HIM at hospitals and the increased interest from financial sponsors and strategic acquirers in firms that specialize in HIM services and technology.

    Read report

  • Case study: William Blair advised Precyse on its July 2015 acquisition by Pamplona Capital Management. The case study looks at the cost savings and revenue gains that Precyse delivered for NCH Healthcare System

    Read case study

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