Our financial advisors work with the firm’s planning experts to develop customized strategies that incorporate the numerous aspects of managing and enjoying your wealth.

  • Tax efficiency: Active, customized portfolio management can provide valuable opportunities to enhance an investor’s after-tax returns. By identifying the appropriate asset classes for the different types of accounts and carefully monitoring the holding period and cost basis of securities, we work to design portfolios that minimize capital-gain recognition and maximize after-tax returns.
  • Retirement planning: Effective retirement planning begins with each client defining his or her vision for retirement. We design and implement asset allocation and savings strategies tailored to those objectives. As the client begins retirement, we use quantitative tools to determine the optimal drawdown rate and asset allocation to optimize the portfolio’s longevity and tax efficiency.
  • Estate and multigenerational planning: We work closely with our clients’ tax and legal advisors to create comprehensive, dynamic plans for accomplishing the family’s wealth-transfer goals. After planning for the senior generation’s lifetime spending needs, the focus then shifts to transferring the excess wealth to younger generations in a tax-efficient manner that is consistent with the family’s priorities.
  • Philanthropic strategies: We implement philanthropic strategies that are integrated into the client’s overall portfolio and wealth-management plan. Working closely with the client’s tax and legal advisors, we manage tax-efficient charitable vehicles such as private foundations, charitable trusts, and donor-advised funds.