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Merger Tracker | August 2017

As companies increasingly use M&A activity to navigate disruptive forces and competitive pressure builds between strategic acquirers and financial sponsors, the dealmaking environment continues to evolve. During the first half of 2017, these trends continued to shape a very active and healthy M&A landscape.

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ECM Quarterly | July 2017

IPO and follow-on markets experienced increased activity in the second quarter, against a backdrop of rising stock prices and falling volatility. The strong performance of second-quarter IPOs, a robust pipeline, and stable market conditions point to continued activity in the third quarter.

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Leveraged Finance | July 2017

The leveraged finance market during the second quarter was defined by compressed pricing, higher leverage, wider covenant cushions, and lower minimum equity requirements. Reflecting these trends, the William Blair Leveraged Lending Index reached its most borrower-favorable level since the metric was instituted in 2014.

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Recent Deals Highlight Continued Strong Interest in Building Technologies | July 2017

As conversion trends in residential and commercial end markets gain momentum, three recent William Blair transactions reflect sustained interest in M&A of manufacturers of differentiated, highly engineered building products in the flooring, countertops, and outdoor-living subsectors.

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WasteExpo 2017: Innovation in a Shifting Regulatory Landscape

At the WasteExpo 2017 conference in New Orleans, executives and other industry leaders addressed the opportunities facing waste and recycling companies and the ideas that will support the industry’s continued growth.

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European Technology | June 2017

Despite rising levels of geopolitical uncertainty, European technology M&A activity continued at a robust pace in 2016. For the year, €175 billion of transactions involving European technology targets or acquirers were completed, slightly exceeding 2015’s heightened levels.

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Merger Tracker | May 2017

Despite strong equity returns and accommodative debt markets, global M&A activity has slowed in 2017. In the first quarter, the number of completed transactions fell 1.1% on a year-over-year basis. Tax reforms proposed by the Trump administration, however, could spur increased dealmaking by U.S.-based corporations.

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Cloud Insights | May 2017

After a small pullback in SaaS public equity valuations in the fourth quarter of 2016, the SaaS index recovered during the first three months of 2017. As a result, the SaaS IPO market sprang to life in mid-March after a five-month hiatus, with four companies making their public debuts from March 17 to April 13.

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Building Technologies | May 2017

The impressive financial performance and strong, defensible market positions of building technologies companies, as well as the opportunity to continue gaining market share amid the ongoing construction recovery, have attracted significant interest from strategic acquirers and financial sponsors in recent William Blair sales processes.

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Chemicals Report | March 2017

A series of megadeals, such as ChemChina’s acquisition of Syngenta and Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto, pushed M&A activity in the chemicals industry to record levels in 2016 and set the stage for ongoing dealmaking and robust valuations in 2017.

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