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The chemicals industry is undergoing massive change due to the impacts of COVID-19 and rapid declines in oil prices. We examine how these disruptions are reshaping the industry, including the implications for M&A as companies look to reposition their portfolios coming out of the crisis.

The federal government is undergoing a massive IT modernization effort to close the gap with the private sector. M&A activity in cloud services is expected to increase as strategic acquirers seek to build capabilities that align with the government's major spending priorities.

As the food industry moves beyond panic buying, retailers and food manufacturers are focused on reaching customers digitally. Large branded food companies are driving strong cash flows and are well positioned for increased M&A activity. Meanwhile, some food segments outside of packaged foods are holding strong or experiencing growth.

William Blair's Investment Banking education team discussed the impact of COVID-19 on business with companies, investors, and service providers across the education and training landscape. The analysis reflects the insights of a broad range of public and private companies that focus on early childhood education, higher-education, education technology platforms, and corporate training firms.

COVID-19's Immediate and Long-Term Impact on the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry | April 2020

As the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry faces unprecedented pressure, William Blair and IRI Growth Consulting have partnered to examine the most critical drivers affecting the industry.

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Based on conversations with management teams and investors, we examine how the pandemic is shaping near- and longer-term market conditions for insurance brokers, P&C carriers, claims service providers, and warranty and F&I administrators.

COVID-19 pandemic slams the door on discussion of when the credit cycle will end.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to drastically alter the food and beverage industry, presenting wide-ranging challenges and opportunities for company CEOs, employees, investors, and consumers. Retailers and food manufacturers continue to assess when pantry loading will begin to moderate. Companies across the supply chain are adapting to ensure the safety and continuity of their workforce; meanwhile, the CARES Act has added new complexity to these unprecedented times.

Few industries have been affected as immediately and drastically by the COVID-19 pandemic as the food and beverage industry. From our daily conversations with business owners, management teams, investors, and analysts throughout the industry, we know that these people and their teams are working diligently around the clock to ensure that the global food supply chain continues to meet the demands of this unprecedented challenge.

Bifurcation in the leveraged finance market became more pronounced during the fourth quarter, as investors continued their flight to quality. We examine this and other trends shaping leveraged finance markets as we head into 2020.

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