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Wealth management topics of interest to individuals and families, philanthropic foundations, and not-for-profit organizations.

Our investment managers, research analysts, and wealth planners produce a broad array of educational and timely communications on a variety of wealth management topics of interest to individuals and families at all generational stages of life, philanthropic foundations, and not-for-profit organizations.

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Understanding the nuances between retirement plans can be challenging. William Blair's 2019 Quick Reference Guide to Retirement Plans compares and contrasts features such as account establishment, account contributions, and accessibility.

Creating an enduring financial legacy becomes more challenging with each branch that is added to the family tree through marriage. We examine strategies for preserving wealth and harmony across generations.

Learn what the proposed changes would mean for residents of Illinois, how it compares to income tax in other states, and how it could affect William Blair’s clients.

Avoiding the most common mistakes in estate planning can save unnecessary costs, delays, and conflicts for your heirs. Our latest paper highlights the common mistakes of estate planning in the context of the new Trump administration and provides an update on the current estate, tax, and legal environment.

The $5.34 million gift-tax exemption creates powerful, tax-efficient opportunities to transfer wealth to your loved ones before you pass away. But you need to plan carefully to ensure that you do not jeopardize your retirement by giving away too much.

The first steps in reviewing your portfolio are to inventory all of the assets you have available to fund your retirement and wealth-transfer goals and understand how assets across different types of accounts will be taxed.

In addition to retirement considerations, any employee preparing to leave a job should plan for life after employee benefits.

COVID-19 continues to accelerate broad structural changes in society. The reopening of schools this fall is a perfect example. Client Focus takes a look at how teachers are embracing technology and ed-tech companies that are seeing huge demand for their products.

A new program established under the sweeping Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has created opportunity zones, which offer significant tax breaks to individuals and companies who invest in these selected urban and rural areas that meet income or poverty thresholds.

As your child begins college, a gap year program, or study abroad, there are three important documents he or she should have in place that will allow you to help in the event of an emergency or other circumstances. Those documents are a HIPPA release; durable power of attorney for healthcare; and durable power of attorney for property. This is particularly important this year given concerns about COVID-19.

William Blair’s financial guide to “Settling the Affairs of a Loved One” is now available, providing a step-by-step outline of the tasks you will need to take to ensure your loved one’s financial affairs are properly settled.

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