Industries that were already moving toward digital environments have accelerated their technology adoption timelines.

Up close look at a mobile phone being used to make a payment

Over the past year, industries that were already moving toward digital environments have accelerated their adoption timelines. From secure IT support to opportunities in new sectors, this digital transformation is proving to provide long-term benefits.

Our experts share their views in the videos below.

Innovations in Smart City Technology

What is driving smart city innovation? The pandemic has stimulated the adoption of smart city technology. But the Infrastructure Bill has the potential to shift things into overdrive.

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The Impact of 5G

The fifth generation of the mobile network is notably different from the generations before it. Discover how 5G will have a significant impact on the economy in years to come.

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U.S. Infrastructure and Closing the Digital Divide

Internet access has immensely evolved over the past few decades, and the need for high-speed internet has drastically increased since the beginning of the pandemic. Find out how the U.S. Appropriations Acts will fund and benefit internet infrastructure, helping to close the digital divide.

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IT Budgets After COVID-19

Executives and board members are going to look at digital transformation—from data analytics to chatbots—as a logical area of spending coming out of this global health crisis.

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