Technology investment banking at William Blair draws on the firm’s deep expertise and relationships throughout the sector to deliver objective advice and execution excellence. We have built a leading franchise helping technology companies maximize the value of their businesses. Our clients turn to us for outstanding execution for their M&A advisory and capital-raising objectives.

The strength of our relationships with strategic and financial buyers in the technology sector and our global reach have allowed us to deliver outstanding results for our clients.


European TechnologyEuropean Technology - June 2017

Despite rising levels of geopolitical uncertainty, European technology M&A activity continued at a robust pace in 2016. For the year, €175 billion of transactions involving European technology targets or acquirers were completed, slightly exceeding 2015’s heightened levels.

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Cloud InsightsCloud Insights - May 2017

After a small pullback in SaaS public equity valuations in the fourth quarter of 2016, the SaaS index recovered during the first three months of 2017. As a result, the SaaS IPO market sprang to life in mid-March after a five-month hiatus, with four companies making their public debuts from March 17 to April 13.

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CybersecurityIT Security - August 2016

As public equity markets have become less receptive and the bar to go public has gone up, IT security companies are actively pursuing alternative paths to liquidity. We examine how the exit environment in IT security has morphed in the past year.

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Financial technologyFinancial Technology Sector Update - July 2015

Market volatility increased as the midyear point approached, driven largely by the oscillating financial crisis in Greece and a rapid and unprecedented correction in Chinese equity markets. However, global M&A and capital markets activity have remained strong, particularly in the United States.

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Internet & Digital Media Insights Internet & Digital Media Insights - January 2014

The Internet and digital media (“IDM”) sector continued its strong pace into the fourth quarter of 2014, highlighted by noteworthy M&A and financing activity. We witnessed significant activity particularly in the Asian e-commerce, online lending platform, and ride sharing space as high-growth companies continued to receive large capital infusions from big name investors to propel growth forward into 2015 and beyond.

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