Our research analysts offer in-depth analysis of stocks across the market-cap spectrum, albeit with a particular focus on small- and midcap companies. We strive to identify best-of-breed companies that have promising long-term outlooks with attractive, sustainable earnings growth rates.

The rise of Latin American-centric outsourcing firms demonstrates the potential of this market and growing consensus around Latin America’s ability to help ease strains on the technology labor market.

When looking at the rapidly emerging distribution tech sector, P&C insurance analyst Adam Klauber notes that, “Shifts in the distribution value chain are the main theme to understand and to watch over time.”

The term zero trust has become the next in a long line of popular terms used by cybersecurity companies to associate their offerings with a more sophisticated, next-generation approach.

A rapid increase of capital flowing into AgTech, or precision ag, is leading to new technological introductions and potentially disruptive newcomers vying to capture more value from the ag supply chain.

COVID-19 has had profound influences on the U.S. economy, institutions, and lives and livelihoods of consumers. William Blair's consumer equity research team anticipates the recovery in consumer spending to continue, albeit probably at a less steep pace in coming months and with likely volatility as coronavirus cases begin to rise again.

To help sift through the rapidly changing data related to the coronavirus, the William Blair Biotechnology Research Group is publishing a twice-weekly periodical called "All the Vectors."

As the world moves to a software-centric orientation, the process by which software applications are being created and deployed is undergoing radical change.

While resale historically has been a smaller portion of the second-hand market, the more recent emergence of online resale, including consignment platforms, has helped push the market into a faster stage of growth, poised to take greater share.

P&C insurance analyst Adam Klauber believes legacy insurers should increasingly lose relevance and value over the next decade as structural impediments limit their ability to pivot toward evolving industry dynamics.

Over the last 10 years, major changes in diabetes device sales have been driven by those solutions that have demonstrated an ability to improve glycemic control (as measured by HbA1c reduction or time-in-range).

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