Solar panels and wind turbines

Client Focus

Sustainable Energy Is a Growth Story for Decades I Client Focus: Q4 2019

Demand by investors, businesses, governments worldwide for clean energy solutions to lower CO2 emissions drives economic growth and job creation.

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Watering farm fields

Working Toward a Sustainable Food Chain I Client Focus: Q3 2019

CEO of Beyond Meat Ethan Brown, Ecolab vice president of sustainability Emilio Tenuta, William Blair analysts and bankers share their insights on how food and agriculture companies are finding ways to increase the world food supply through sustainable business initiatives.

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Business people walking in front of a tree by an office building

Real Estate Embraces Sustainable Strategies | Client Focus: Q2 2019

A push to create green buildings in green cities is leading to increased product innovation, investment, and M&A in the commercial real estate sector.

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Our take on trends that matter. Experts from across William Blair explore the disruptions reshaping our global economy – and why they matter to you.

Mountains, a lake, and pine trees

Sustainability: A Climate of Opportunity | Client Focus: Q1 2019

Companies are responding to customer and investor demands for brands and products that are better for the environment and society by adopting a host of sustainable initiatives.

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William Blair is on a continuing journey to explore how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, impact investing, and corporate social responsibility inform the ways we create value for our clients, colleagues, and communities.

Note that says give

Changing Currents in Philanthropy | Client Focus: Fall 2018

New strategies and new donors are reshaping charitable giving.

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gene strands

Regenerative Medicine: Today’s Health Revolution | Client Focus: Summer 2018

Rapid advances in gene research are creating medical miracles.

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