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Our portfolio managers and product specialists provide timely thought leadership about developing trends in equity and fixed-income markets.

The domestic Chinese equity markets are some of the largest and most liquid in the world, and they offer unique investment opportunities—yet they have been largely neglected by institutional investors.

William Blair Global Strategist Olga Bitel and Portfolio Manager Simon Fennell share their perspectives on changes in the global marketplace.

In this webinar, members of our Global Equity team discuss the China A opportunity and how it can be implemented in a portfolio.

In this webcast, Thomas Clarke, a portfolio manager on William Blair’s Dynamic Allocation Strategies team, explains the fundamental drivers of exchange rates and discusses the forces influencing opportunities in today’s currency markets.

Learn how we have worked to integrate ESG factors into our investment process, with specific examples from the consumer discretionary and consumer staples sectors.

Our Dynamic Allocation Strategies team explains why global macro investing offers many potential benefits when included in an investment portfolio.

Portfolio Manager Ken McAtamney explains why he believes adding more science to the art of investing may help active managers compete.

On balance, our outlook for emerging markets in 2017 is optimistic, and we are off to a good start, with emerging markets outperforming developed markets in 2017.

While most Fed watchers are focused on the federal funds rate, a more interesting topic may be the so-called FedTrade, which is keeping certain agency mortgage-backed securities’ risk spreads at artificially low levels. But what happens when the Fed stops?

William Blair Economist Olga Bitel and Portfolio Manager Simon Fennell shared their perspectives on changes in the global marketplace.

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