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At William Blair, active management is more than just an investment approach. See how our active culture creates a dynamic environment that aligns with clients’ interests, and listen to our unique investing insights.

Discover our enhanced approach to active management

As the U.S. dollar faces downward pressure, we believe a key beneficiary will be investors in local currency emerging markets debt.

In this Q&A, our large-cap growth portfolio managers discuss their pursuit of structurally advantaged companies.

Opportunities to create better risk-adjusted portfolios using corporate debt have emerged. 

Historically, markets have overestimated the probability of emerging markets debt default and underestimated eventual recovery rates.

Three of our PMs discuss challenges and opportunities for EM equity and debt investors.

We are excited about India's potential, but its evolution will likely be rocky.

Our Dynamic Allocation Strategies team explains how they’re navigating the low-rate environment.

We share our latest thoughts on investment opportunities across emerging markets debt.

The series of connections and interactions that take place a few seconds after you swipe your credit card or click "purchase" presents a compelling opportunity for investors.

In this paper, we examine the growing materiality of ESG factors to investing in EMs, exploring both risks and opportunities.

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