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At William Blair, active management is more than just an investment approach. See how our active culture creates a dynamic environment that aligns with clients’ interests, and listen to our unique investing insights.

Discover our enhanced approach to active management

Our global equity teams provides insight on COVID-19 and its global economic impact.

William Blair's Vivian Lin Thurston discusses China’s favorable market characteristics and investible themes.

In this webcast, William Blair’s Vivian Lin Thurston discusses three investible themes in China: the rising middle class and growing domestic consumption; innovation and technology-led growth; and the secular growth of healthcare spending.

In this webcast, Thomas Clarke, a portfolio manager on William Blair’s Dynamic Allocation Strategies team, explains the fundamental drivers of exchange rates and discusses the forces influencing opportunities in today’s currency markets.

William Blair Global Strategist Olga Bitel and Portfolio Manager Simon Fennell share their perspectives on changes in the global marketplace.

Learn how we have worked to integrate ESG factors into our investment process, with specific examples from the consumer discretionary and consumer staples sectors.

William Blair Economist Olga Bitel and Portfolio Manager Simon Fennell shared their perspectives on changes in the global marketplace.