Convergence Amid a Shifting Industrial Landscape

Advancements in technology are powering the advent of fully connected manufacturing environments and transforming business models throughout the industrial sector.

Monday, August 19, 2019

More recently, automation has defined productivity advancements in the manufacturing sector. Developments in fundamental technologies have also brought lower production cost, high-performance sensing, connectivity, and data processing to the supply chain and manufacturing sector—all helping transform the way businesses operate and essentially "closing the loop" across the entire enterprise—from manufacturing to delivery to the end user.

Lines that once delineated segments of the manufacturing environment have disappeared as devices on the plant floor provide real-time visibility to the executive suite. This convergence is allowing traditional manufacturing businesses to embrace new business models—opening the door to new revenue streams from software, analytics, and services—that focus on delivering value procured through recurring operating expenditures as opposed to traditional price-times-volume purchase-order economics.

These trends and others are shaping strategic roadmaps and acquisition strategies throughout the industrial technology sector. In this report, we will examine what these changes mean and how investors should frame their decision-making and acquisition theses as they identify opportunities to transform their industries.

Highlights include:

  • What is industrial technology?
  • Convergence trends and the roadmap for value creation
  • Identifying value in the industrial technology sector
  • Industrial technology market update


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