Philanthropy in an Age of Disruption

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

By understanding and embracing new trends that are reshaping the way people give, families can strengthen their philanthropic legacies for generations to come.

For much of the past century, philanthropy has been viewed as a fairly predictable industry, one defined by iconic families with multi-generational foundations, well-established nonprofit organizations with massive infrastructures, and familiar patterns of fundraising and giving that usually centered on annual campaigns or year-end gifts. But just as nearly every for-profit industry has been jolted by disruptive forces related to new technology, shifting demographics, and evolving attitudes, philanthropy, too, has seen monumental changes in how people and companies give and how nonprofits engage with their donors and constituents.

These changes have created powerful opportunities for donors and the organizations they support to affect change throughout society. The disruptive forces driving these changes, however, have also created new challenges and considerations for donors seeking to maximize the impact of their charitable efforts and for nonprofits looking to fulfill their missions. We examine the six greatest disruptive forces that are reshaping the philanthropic landscape and look at what they mean for donors and nonprofits.

  • Demographics: Millennials Redefine the Meaning of Philanthropy
  • Technology: Democratizing and Socializing Philanthropy
  • Transparency: Donors Increasingly Focus on ROI
  • Corporate Giving: Finding New Ways to Inspire Employees and Impact Communities
  • Impact Investing: The Intersection of Doing Well and Doing Good
  • Tax Reform: Changing Math for Charitable Deductions

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