How Investors Win With 10 Key Planning Strategies

Friday, January 15, 2021

Given the uncertainties created by the coronavirus pandemic and changes in the U.S. political landscape, now is a good time for high-net-worth individuals, families, philanthropists, and business owners to evaluate their tax and estate plans so they are best positioned for the long-term outlook. With that in mind, William Blair’s updated planning guide highlights 10 key strategies to help you meet your financial and wealth-transfer goals.

Planning strategies to consider:

  1. Reassess Near- and Long-Term Goals
  2. Review Current Estate Plan
  3. Consider Using Historically High Lifetime Tax Exemption
  4. Plan Annual Gifting
  5. Evaluate Wealth Strategies in a Low Interest Rate Environment
  6. Assess Roth IRA Conversion
  7. Evaluate Asset Allocation and Location
  8. Review Milestone Retirement Ages
  9. Determine Year-End Charitable Planning
  10. Effect Change Through Philanthropy

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