Eve Ellis and Nikolay Djibankov lead The Matterhorn Group at William Blair, a full-service wealth advisory group developing and executing sophisticated financial and philanthropic plans for individuals, businesses, and nonprofit institutions.  

Matterhorn is well-known for its commitment to aligning its clients’ investments to their values and for its pioneering approach to using client capital to affect gender, diversity, and racial justice. Matterhorn manages two actively managed, proprietary strategies for investors seeking both financial and social returns: Gender Parity Strategy (a gender lens equity model) and the Matterhorn/Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion Strategy. Matterhorn further oversees complete client-values-oriented portfolios: one based on ESG investments, one taking aim to bring about racial justice. 

Listen to Eve as a panelist on the recent 100 Women @Davos Leadership Dialogues on Achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Leadership. In addition, Eve’s podcast on The FiftyFaces Podcast discusses the investing and wealth planning resources she can bring to individuals who value equality and fairness, her belief that diversity results in great leadership, and the importance of looking for opportunities to be valued in one’s profession.