As we near the midpoint of 2024, I want to share some insights on global financial markets and reaffirm William Blair’s commitment to our clients' success. The first half of the year has seen remarkable growth in the stock market, reflecting investor confidence and economic resilience. Commodities have stabilized, indicating healthy demand and supply chain improvements even as growth has moderated from the past few years. Bond markets remain stable, underscoring a balanced economic outlook.

At William Blair, we have strategically positioned ourselves to leverage these trends, ensuring your investments are poised for both growth and stability. Our experienced and dedicated team remains vigilant, adapting our strategies to navigate fluctuations and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Brent Gledhill
Brent Gledhill, William Blair President and CEO

In this edition of Client Focus, you’ll hear directly from William Blair’s global heads of business on how the firm can help you navigate complex market dynamics in the second half of this year. We also feature Atmos Technologies, an Investment Banking client that formulates, designs, and manufactures customized products and application equipment to solve environmental and sustainability challenges.

Macro analyst, Richard de Chazal, shares his market insights and discusses the economic indicators he will be watching closely in the second half of 2024. His highlights include the resilience of the U.S. consumer, potential decisions from the Fed, and encouraging moves in the market. Investment Management’s Hugo Scott-Gall interviews Professor Rajan on India’s economic growth projection and how it compares to other countries, like China.

Finally, as consumers continue to reevaluate their financial strategies, our Private Wealth Management team offers tips on borrowing and lending, cash management, and fixed income. Our William Blair advisors offer strategic solutions and best-in-class service to help you make the most of your assets.  

While the markets are constantly evolving, we are cautiously optimistic about the second half of this year. The global economy has shown a promising resilience despite ongoing challenges, and I am consistently inspired by the expertise, agility, and tenacity of our team to focus on our clients’ changing needs.

Thank you for your continued trust in William Blair. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at with any questions or ideas for how we can better serve you.



Brent Gledhill
President and CEO