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Our timely perspectives on macro events and market trends shaping the global financial markets.

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Dealing With a Stronger Dollar

In this Economics Weekly, Macro Analyst Richard de Chazal looks at what’s driving the dollar, its impact on inflation, and the S&P 500 sectors that perform best and worst with a stronger dollar.

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The Next Leg of the Capex Revival

For almost a decade, a central theme in William Blair’s research has been about the unfolding productivity and capex revival. Macro Analyst Richard de Chazal explains that while the progress around this narrative has been slow, evidence suggests momentum has started to pick up as a result of several structural economic dynamics.

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Is This Another Market Bubble?

Are we facing a stock market bubble? In some ways, the acute rise in select stocks could suggest we are. However, as macro analyst Richard de Chazal examines, many of the valuation metrics of companies driving these gains have so far delivered on these expectations, relative the late 1990s, when it was mostly all narrative and no numbers.

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Scratching Below the Surface of the Economic Data

While some may be declaring victory in the recession/no-recession debate, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that growth may not be nearly as strong as it seems to be on the surface. Richard de Chazal examines the six data points he believes investors should be cognizant of.

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Paving the Way for Non-U.S. Equity Outperformance

Non-U.S. equities are likely beneficiaries of falling interest rates in the U.S. and the dollar weakening rather than strengthening. Ken McAtamney, head of the global equities team, explains why these could potentially pave the way for a good year for global equities. This article is featured on William Blair Investment Management's Active Never Rests blog.

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