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Equity Research

Capital ideas from the industry’s brightest minds.

Our award-winning equity research analysts deliver superior investment ideas and value-added perspective for nearly 650 companies, across seven growth-oriented sectors: consumer; energy and sustainability; financial services and technology; industrials; global services; healthcare; and technology, media, and communications. William Blair’s research universe is well-diversified geographically and ranges in market capitalization with an emphasis on small- and mid-cap stocks.
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As of March 31, 2024

William Blair analysts seek to cover only companies that have above-average growth prospects and above-average quality. They use multiple factors to identify high-quality companies with attractive growth prospects, including the company’s product line, level of service, and management experience.

Our clients include:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Investment Advisory Firms
  • Banks
  • Pension Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Money Managers Across North America, Europe, and Asia

Through exhaustive fundamental research and unique insight derived from independent thinking, our award-winning analysts work tirelessly to identify companies that can deliver superior investment returns for our clients.

Recent News

William Blair Thinking Podcast

Navigating the current market environment demands the right informational resource. That is why we launched the William Blair Thinking Podcast, which aims to provide in-depth expertise on today's financial and economic landscape.

What's different about this platform?
It's our most timely and best ideas—the ethos, if you will, of our firm's intellectual capital. All in 20 minutes.

Our latest podcasts

2024 Growth Stock Conference

William Blair & Company, the premier global boutique with expertise in investment banking, investment management, and private wealth management, will host its 44th Annual Growth Stock Conference June 4-6 in Chicago.

The event, to be held at Loews Chicago Hotel, has grown to become the industry’s premier generalist conference for growth investors. This must-attend forum provides an opportunity to exchange ideas with investors and top company leaders across the universe of William Blair’s research.

In 2023, more than 700 investors from around the world participated in the event, representing over 300 institutional investment firms. This year’s Growth Stock Conference features:

  • Access to more than 250 participating companies
  • Presenters from the highest management ranks (75% hold the chairman, CEO, president, or chief operating officer role)
  • Multiple industry sectors represented across the market-cap spectrum
  • One-on-one meetings between investors and company management

Featured Insights

Anticipating the Next Frontier for GLP-1 Therapies

Over the past 3 years, the GLP-1 drug class has revolutionized how obesity is managed, and no other therapeutic category has made such a profound impact in that short period of time. Andy Hsieh, Ph.D., partner, explores how recent scientific advances created optimism that there will be more novel drug candidates, potentially generating a wave of new therapies that could help millions of patients around the world.

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The Future of GLP-1s

Biotech equity research analysts Andy Hsieh and Matt Phipps join group head Tim Lugo to discuss the latest developments in GLP-1s for diabetes and obesity treatment, including the emergence of oral therapies and the profound weight loss results seen in recent datasets. The conversation also covers the commercial trajectory of drugs like semaglutide and tirzepatide, the potential for market growth, and the challenges of patient retention and reimbursement, concluding with a look at the future of the field, including the exploration of new mechanisms and the focus on quality of weight loss.

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Corporate Access

Our non-deal roadshows, conferences, and investor field trips facilitate the exchange of ideas and build relationships between senior corporate management and key decision makers with leading institutional investors.

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