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Anticipating the Next Frontier for GLP-1 Therapies

Over the past 3 years, the GLP-1 drug class has revolutionized how obesity is managed, and no other therapeutic category has made such a profound impact in that short period of time. Andy Hsieh, Ph.D., partner, explores how recent scientific advances created optimism that there will be more novel drug candidates, potentially generating a wave of new therapies that could help millions of patients around the world.

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Advanced Manufacturing in the U.S.: The Future is Now

As companies look to bring manufacturing efficiently closer to the point of consumption, equity analyst Brian Drab details why advanced manufacturing, including 3D printing, will continue to change the entire manufacturing industry here in the U.S.—and worldwide.

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Themes and Trends on the Rise in Philanthropy

Philanthropists continue to demonstrate incredible creativity and generosity, even during disruptive times. Head of Philanthropy Strategy Laura Coy outlines four key trends that we’re seeing, and which give us an optimistic outlook on the state of charitable giving.

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Cloud Computing: Dark Days, or Sunny Skies Ahead?

While gen AI continues to dominate the headlines, the once-ubiquitous “cloud” continues to face headwinds amid spending cuts. However, are the best days of cloud computing really behind us? Or, as equity analysts Jason Ader explains, select players within the cloud computing industry are—and remain—the future of IT.

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Generative AI: The New Frontier of Automation

Generative AI has been all the rage this year, propelling an entire sector and creating an unprecedented level of excitement among millions of users of this new software. But, as Equity Analyst Arjun Bhatia explains, we’re just getting started with this transformative, yet nascent, technology.

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Catalysts of an Evolving Tech Labor Market

The market for tech talent has experienced a volatile several years. Equity Analyst Maggie Nolan explains that despite the layoffs, a deficit of qualified tech talent persists, and companies that embrace partnerships and different shoring models will have access to a more resilient and dynamic pool of talent.

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Spotlight on our Newest Partners

Tim Mulrooney, Group Head, Global Services Equity Research

Last year Tim Mulrooney cast a spotlight on "forever chemicals" (like PFAS) and how their use in many household items may be dramatically impacted. It's a topic that remains relevant today. And as newly appointed partner Tim outlines, the remediation and policy changes impacting the manufacturing industry's use of PFAS and similar chemicals is a topic that won’t go away anytime soon.

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