Business owners considering a liquidity event all have the same goal—to unlock the full potential of the wealth they’ve generated. But what “full potential” means greatly varies business to business, owner to owner.

That’s why executives and their advisors involved in a major business transition need to think through some big questions, about their families, their philanthropic goals, their tax implications—and their appetite for risk.

Video Transcript

If you’re a company founder or a family owner, wealth is more than a number—much more than a collection of assets. Your wealth is the manifestation of hard work, passion, values, and dreams.

Tapping into that wealth—what we call “activating your capital”—must be done with purpose and precision.

Wealth creates opportunity for the next chapter in your life, but it’s an opportunity mired in complexity. Many clients wonder: Are my children prepared to inherit wealth? How can I best support my philanthropic goals while maintaining financial independence? What tools can I use to maximize tax efficiency? What is my greatest risk exposure?

These aren’t easy questions. But identifying the purpose of your wealth is the best way to find answers.

At William Blair, we take pride in the reputation we have built over the past 87 years delivering sophisticated wealth management solutions to an array of clients.

And what we have learned is that regardless of how our clients generated their wealth, they share a common goal: to unlock its full potential—which is best achieved through comprehensive planning and precise execution.

The complexities of your wealth and the challenges that you face require a state-of the-art platform. We draw on our global resources to deliver access to customized, integrated wealth management solutions that are singularly focused on your vision.

Our unique private-partnership structure creates a one-of-a-kind client experience. Put simply, your success is our growth strategy. We invite you to learn more about activating your capital with purpose and precision.