Video Transcript

Tommy Sternberg
CFA, Partner, Research Analyst, Global Equity Team

Richard Reznick
Ph.D., Research Analyst, Global Equity Team

Hi everyone. We’re here in Switzerland, in front of Lake Zurich, just outside of Zurich, Switzerland. We just wrapped up a week of meetings all over the country, and it was a really fantastic set of meetings. Rich, for you, what were some of the key topics or themes that came up throughout? There’s a lot going on in the healthcare industry.

I’d say even though the pandemic is over, we still had a number of companies that were talking about dealing with COVID in their businesses. The other thing that really stood out was what’s happening with these GLP-1 weight loss drugs. A lot of impact across the industry and a number of companies talking about how that’s affecting them.

We’re obviously super focused on GLP-1. It’s a huge market trend. Interesting to see companies involved in the supply chain and how they’re all working together.


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