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New Federal Funding, Electric Vehicle Growth Put the Highway Safety Services Industry in Strong Position

America’s roads and highways—in disrepair for years—are set for major improvements after an infusion of federal money and upgrades necessitated by the growing popularity of electric vehicles. That’s good news for companies that provide road and highway safety services, and for investors eyeing opportunities in what is a massive and highly fragmented market.

Key Takeaways

  • The state of the U.S. highway system and the impact of new federal funding
  • The growing popularity of electric vehicles and their effect on road improvements
  • How a focus on safety is increasing due in part to autonomous vehicles
  • What is needed to successfully navigate the local highway safety services landscape
  • Major industry participants, M&A activity, and critical investor focus areas

This is the first entry in William Blair’s series “Investing in Infrastructure Services.” If you’d like to learn more and access detailed research on market participants, accelerating investment activity in the space, and important considerations for potential investors, please contact our team or complete the form below.

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