Video Transcript

AIOps, or artificial intelligence for IT operations, helps companies leverage AI and machine learning to manage and automate the IT operations process. The technology works by collecting and analyzing operational data and then providing IT professionals the next-best remediation actions to help fix IT incidents faster or even prevent them before they occur.

We believe the primary benefits of observability and AIOps platforms include:

  • Faster mean time to resolution for IT incidents
  • Proactive issue detection and resolution
  • Increased agility and better collaboration between DevSecOps teams
  • Improved customer and digital experiences

Whether it be for revenue generation, margin accretion, or improved resource allocation, we believe organizations are quickly realizing the benefits of automating manual workflows and being more data driven in the way they manage their IT operations.

We believe the largest secular tailwinds behind this category include:

  • The increasing number of software applications being developed
  • The transition to hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure environments
  • The increasing amount of security threats, a heightened emphasis on decreasing IT downtime
  • Growth in generative AI–enabled apps, which could transform the amount of data generated by enterprises today

Moving forward, we believe modern observability and AIOps platforms will continue to see strong growth.

We believe winners in this space will be:

  • Companies that provide a broad platform that addresses all of the key observability use-cases
  • Advanced machine learning and AI-driven prompts that provide the next-best workflow actions to help drive a faster mean-time-to-resolution for IT incidents
  • The ability to accommodate the growing complexity and scale of modern IT environments.

Over time, we believe these platforms will increasingly displace manual tasks, reactionary policies, and inefficient homegrown solutions. By automating legacy processes and consolidating fragmented point solutions, modern AIOps platforms are helping customers operate more efficiently, act with agility amid changing business environments, and most importantly, they are helping customers make their IT assets work better.