Growth equity allows business leaders to access capital while retaining control of their companies. In today’s converging capital markets, there are a greater number and diversity of funding sources than ever before. Learn how to find a like-minded investor, one best positioned to accelerate growth.

Video Transcript

Today, founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders of family-owned businesses have more options for raising capital and generating liquidity than ever before.

Growth equity provides a unique value proposition for entrepreneur-run businesses. It allows business owners to retain control, access diverse pools of capital, and partner with like-minded growth investors that share a compatible vision and can help accelerate growth.

At William Blair, we are experts in guiding business owners and families through the esoteric world of growth equity.

We start by learning about our client’s business, their long term goals, and the uses of capital. Perhaps they need the capital to fund growth, for tuck-in acquisitions, or even for founder liquidity. We then take the time to educate our clients about the different forms a growth equity investment can take and how that can benefit their business.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number and diversity of funds that can provide non-control growth equity capital, including venture capital, private equity, global mutual funds, sovereign wealth funds, and even large family offices.

When considering a growth equity partner, it is critically important to align the vision with the company’s strategic direction and what role the owners and family members want to play going forward.

At William Blair, we are uniquely positioned to guide business owners through the growth equity ecosystem. As an independent, private partnership, we’re committed to finding our clients the best partners, the optimal valuations, and the ideal terms, allowing them to maintain control, preserve their legacy, and grow their business.

We invite you to learn more about the ways we can support and advise business owners and help our clients capitalize on the tremendous opportunities that are available to them today.