As you think about defining your philanthropy legacy, begin by identifying the causes and values that inspire you. When it is time to activate that strategy, your approach should be informed by the trends that are shaping the charitable giving landscape today.

By understanding and embracing new trends and the role philanthropy plays as a tool for positive change and disruption, families and nonprofits can strengthen their philanthropic programs and legacies for generations to come.

The pace of change has accelerated across many aspects of society. These widespread changes are affecting philanthropy in meaningful ways as well. Just as the for-profit industry has been jolted by food insecurity, war, COVID-19, disruptive technology, shifting demographics, and evolving attitudes have changed how people and companies give and how nonprofits engage with their donors and constituents. William Blair has examined the six greatest disruptive forces that are reshaping the philanthropic landscape. We provide our perspective on what they could mean for donors and nonprofits.