Guidance for Business Owners

We have deep experience guiding business owners through the myriad decisions that go into managing the wealth created by acquisitions and other corporate liquidity events.

Before, during, and after the transaction, our wealth planning team works in an integrated fashion closely with the investment banking team and business owners to optimize the structure and timing of the transaction and the management of the proceeds to meet the owner’s financial goals for:

  • Tax efficiency: strategically structuring the transaction to optimize the after-tax wealth and cash flows generated by the liquidity event
  • Risk management: establishing a financial structure to minimize any potential future wealth leakage
  • Portfolio management: converting concentrated stock or large cash positions into a customized, diversified portfolio
  • Wealth transfer: building an enduring financial legacy through tax-efficient strategies for transferring wealth to younger generations
  • Philanthropy: using direct gifts, donor-advised funds, private foundations, and other philanthropic strategies to optimize the impact of your charitable gifts