William Blair Names New Partners for 2022

Congratulations to our newest William Blair partners around the globe! This achievement recognizes their exceptional dedication and contributions to the firm while upholding William Blair’s mission, vision, and values to empower colleagues, deliver client success, and engage in our communities.

Jason Arnold (Investment Banking/London)
Marcelo Assalin (Investment Management/London)
Perry Steele Bacon (Private Wealth/Baltimore)
Michael Basil (Investment Banking/Chicago)
Douglas Blauw (Institutional Sales Trading/Chicago)
Jack Blomfield (Investment Banking/London)
Evan Brainerd (Investment Banking/Chicago)
Lindsay Carlson (Investment Banking/Atlanta)
Jessica Chlopek (Institutional Sales Trading/Chicago)
Travis Cope (Investment Management/Chicago)
John Cutler (Private Wealth/Chicago)
Anil Daka (Investment Management/Chicago)
Jerry Darko (Investment Banking/Chicago)
Julien Darmon (Investment Banking/London)
James F. Devins III (Private Wealth/Boston)
Jeff Dorsheimer (Investment Banking/Boston)
Russ Dunlap (Investment Banking/Chicago)
Brian Friedman (Investment Banking/Chicago)
Matthew Gilmore (Investment Banking/San Francisco)
Bram Hall (Investment Banking/Charlotte)
Jamie Hamilton (Investment Banking/Atlanta)
Michael Holbrook (Investment Banking/San Francisco)
Lindsey Holton (Private Wealth/Chicago)
John Ivey (Investment Banking/Boston)
Drew Janes (Investment Banking/Chicago)
Eugene Kim (Investment Banking/New York)
Ken Langston (Private Wealth/Chicago)
Matt Larew (Equity Research/Chicago)
Laura Linger (Private Wealth/Chicago)
Paul Majeski (Investment Banking/New York)
Corinne Martindale (Investment Management/Chicago)
Mark McKinley (Private Wealth/Chicago)
Ryan Merkel (Equity Research/Chicago)
Jackie Moss (Private Wealth/Chicago)
Edward Nakayama (Investment Banking/Chicago)
Patrick Nally (Investment Banking/Atlanta)
Maggie Nolan (Equity Research/Chicago)
Tara Patock (Investment Management/Chicago)
Scott Paton (Investment Banking/Boston)
Laura-Min Proctor (Private Wealth/Chicago)
Julie Rancourt (Investment Management/Chicago)
B.T. Remmert (Investment Banking/Atlanta)
Kerr Robertson (Investment Banking/Charlotte)
Eric Roddy (Investment Banking/New York)
Moritz-Benedikt Rottwinkel (Investment Banking/Frankfurt)
Michael Sabo (Investment Banking/Chicago )
Peter Schiltz (Admin/Executive Management/Chicago)
Stephen Sheldon (Equity Research/Chicago)
Arthur van der Goes (Investment Banking/Amsterdam)
Laura Van Peenan (Investment Banking/Chicago)
Carl J. Young (Private Wealth/Boston)
Nick Zimmerman (Investment Management/Chicago)

About William Blair

William Blair is the premier global boutique with expertise in investment banking, investment management, and private wealth management. We provide advisory services, strategies, and solutions to meet our clients’ evolving needs. As an independent and employee-owned firm, together with our strategic partners, we operate in more than 20 offices worldwide.*

*Includes strategic partnerships with Allier Capital, BDA Partners, and Poalim Capital Markets.

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