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Our Capabilities: Borrowing and Lending

Secure short-term financing to meet your business or personal needs with a range of borrowing and lending strategies.

Questions to Consider

Are you interested in freeing money for short-term cash for the purchase of a home, to pay college tuition, or to invest in a business?

Have you considered using your assets at William Blair as collateral for a line of credit for an unexpected need? Or a rainy day?

Did you know you can loan out certain eligible securities to earn income while maintaining ownership of the assets?

Securities-Based Lending

Using your eligible assets as collateral, you may be able to borrow against securities held in your account(s) at William Blair. This service offers flexibility, liquidity, and control in managing cash flow and liabilities. Multiple accounts can be used for a combined line of credit. Features include:

Competitive variable interest rates correlated to the amount of the credit line. Rates are based on the Broker Call Reference Rate (Broker Call Rate) published daily.

Funds availability and accessibility. Funds are generally available in one business day and can be accessed through check writing, debit card, ACH, or wire transfer.

Flexible repayment. There is no minimum payment or set repayment schedule. You can make payments on your own schedule, paying down the balance partially or in full at any time. An appropriate maintenance level of securities will be required to support the loan in your account. If the value of your securities drops below the required maintenance level, you will be required to deposit more money or securities to maintain your line of credit.

Investment considerations. Securities-Based Lending can be used to help you maintain your long-term focus by eliminating the need to liquidate securities for short-term purposes, offering flexibility to stay in the market, if appropriate.

Potential tax benefits. Minimize tax consequences of selling securities by using cash available in your margin account rather than selling securities and potentially incurring taxable gains.

Limited paperwork. One-time margin account application.

Stock Loan

You can earn income on your assets by loaning out eligible securities through the securities lending market. Features of this program include:

Earn interest based on demand for the shares on loan. You will earn daily interest based on an annualized rate with interest paid out monthly to your account. Please note that these rates fluctuate and securities come in and out of demand.

Control of your securities. Under the terms of your agreement, you maintain full ownership of the securities on loan, although you relinquish voting rights.

Transparency. You have full visibility into your accounts, loan activity, and income earned.

Limited paperwork. One-time agreement at the account level.


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Please contact your William Blair wealth advisor or Scott Krzeminski at William Blair for more information.

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