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Our Capabilities: Cash Management

Cash management at William Blair offers you liquidity and the flexibility to maintain cash flow while preserving capital over the short term.

Questions to Consider

Can you enhance the yield on your excess cash?

What is the most advantageous mix of savings instruments for the short term?

How much cash is too much cash?

Cash and cash equivalents can be an essential element of your financial plan and investment portfolio, providing portfolio stability, liquidity, and assets for short-term or unexpected needs. It is a lower-risk investment and can be a significant factor in budgeting and cash management for those planning for a job transition or anticipating a tax return or a tuition payment, among other needs.

Cash and cash equivalents can be held in money market accounts or invested in short-term instruments with maturities of less than a year, including certificates of deposit (CDs), bonds, and Treasury bills.

Municipal bonds are issued to pay for community infrastructure for needs such as roads, bridges, and schools. Currently, municipals under one year to maturity present a unique opportunity on the short end, and in higher tax brackets can be a viable alternative to other options with lower risk. Municipals as an asset class are generally well positioned from a credit perspective and can offer good value to investors.


Fixed-Income Capabilities

As an investor, it is critical to implement an asset allocation strategy that meets your investment goals across all market cycles. A key component of any asset allocation decision is fixed-income investments and cash-savings vehicles that can help preserve capital, earn a reasonable rate of return, and reduce risk. William Blair provides customized fixed-income strategies to help meet your investment goals, tax situations, cash flow, and liquidity needs across all market cycles.

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