The Capital Collective

Paving the way for wealth-mobility and increasing access to capital.

The Capital Collective is William Blair’s signature wealth-building initiative to facilitate financial prosperity and capital access for emerging wealth earners and female entrepreneurs. Our customized and engaging learning experience offers networking and direct exposure to industry insights, empowering participants with practical tools and strategies to accelerate their financial growth and business ventures.

Leveraging William Blair’s Expertise in Wealth Creation and Investment Banking

The Capital Collective was designed with insights from our Global Community Partners, financial empowerment experts, and William Blair employees who are experts in creating pathways to prosperity and access to capital. With comprehensive and practical professional expertise, we've designed the Capital Collective to address the unique hurdles of the emerging workforce and female entrepreneurs, especially those from underrepresented groups. As part of a skills based volunteer program, our aim is to leverage our deep bench of talent to inspire and equip individuals to forge successful futures for themselves, their businesses, and their communities.

Aiming for Equity: Tackling the Challenge of Racial Wealth Disparity

The continuing racial wealth disparity* is a stark reflection of the systemic inequality rooted in historical economic barriers. This discrepancy remains a significant challenge for marginalized communities seeking financial progress.

The Capital Collective is dedicated to facilitating change where it can be most effective. We prioritize enhancing access to capital and emphasize investment readiness. Our mission is not only to highlight the issue but to actively be a part of the solution. We focus on offering support to those often overlooked or underserved in the financial landscape, providing them with the tools and education to navigate their financial journey with confidence, which in turn, aids in reducing the racial wealth divide.

* As shown by the average wealth of Black households being $60,125.58, versus White households at $338,092.80, National Bureau of Economic Research.

Pathways to Progress: The Capital Collective’s Four Key Components

At The Capital Collective, we believe in fostering an environment that promotes learning, growth, and connectivity. We've centered our efforts around four key components: Conversations, Coaching, Career Paths, and Convenings.


Curated content relevant to emerging wealth earners and entrepreneurs, including speaker series, workshops, and panel discussions.


Pro-bono and tailored guidance on navigating the complexities of financial planning and access to capital.

Career Paths

Exposure and education on pathways into financial services careers and positioning for high-earning potential.


Collaborative connection points for leaders across sectors to discover opportunities and share ideas on accelerating wealth building and access to capital.

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For additional information and to engage with the Capital Collective, please reach out to us via email. We invite you to join us in enhancing financial knowledge and fostering financial well-being for all.

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