We are a trusted advisor to high-growth companies, market leaders, and technology-enabled businesses across the industrial landscape. Our clients rely on our deep understanding of the global trends that are redefining industrial activity—connected buildings and machines (IoT); the development of innovative, advanced materials; chemistries; manufacturing technologies; and regulatory changes—to help them drive value for their stakeholders. Our knowledge of sector trends and our relationships with leading strategic acquirers and industrial-focused financial sponsors enable us to assist our clients across a range of advisory and financial alternatives.

We serve clients across a broad range of industrial and industrial technology subsectors, including:

  • Automated systems
  • Building technologies
  • Diversified industrials
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Engineered components
  • Flow control and filtration
  • Packaging
  • Safety and security
  • Sensors and instrumentation  
  • Specialty materials and chemicals