Private Wealth Management

Investment expertise built on research and relationships.

At William Blair, we build portfolios by building relationships with our clients. Through a continuing dialogue between you and your William Blair financial advisor, we provide customized wealth management built on investment expertise and an unwavering focus on your evolving needs.

Avoiding the most common mistakes in estate planning can save unnecessary costs, delays, and conflicts for your heirs. Our latest paper highlights the common mistakes of estate planning in the context of the new Trump administration and provides an update on the current estate, tax, and legal environment.
An individual who is philanthropically inclined may find that contributing appreciated securities with long-term unrealized gains directly to a donor-advised program can be a tax-efficient way of giving.
With college costs rising faster than inflation, planning for education financing is more critical than ever.

Barron's magazine named William Blair to its "Top 40 Wealth Managers" in the United States for 2017 for the third straight year.

William Blair’s financial guide to “Settling the Affairs of a Loved One” provides a step-by-step outline of the tasks you will need to take to ensure your loved one’s financial affairs are properly settled.