Clients establishing or revitalizing their philanthropy or wealth plan or those anticipating a liquidity event turn to William Blair’s professionals for guidance and strategic solutions. Did you know that our capabilities include philanthropy strategy, wealth planning, and pre-liquidity planning?

Philanthropy Strategy

Whether you are looking to define the purpose of your capital, revitalize and strengthen your philanthropic priorities, create vehicles to minimize your tax exposure and increase your impact in society, or engage the next generation in your charitable vision, William Blair believes that a strategic approach to philanthropy expands your opportunities to create impact.

Our experienced philanthropy strategy team begins the process by helping you define your capital's purpose and your philanthropic mission. They then work to integrate your charitable purposes with your wealth management, tax, and estate planning structure.

Wealth Planning

What do you want to accomplish with your wealth? Whether your goal is to fund your retirement plan, create a secure future for your children or grandchildren, or make a difference with your philanthropic giving, effective wealth management requires careful planning.

Our Wealth Planning Services professionals have deep expertise across multiple disciplines. They partner with you and your advisors to evaluate, design, and implement your wealth management plan as you build, preserve, or transfer your wealth. The team focuses on practical, actionable, and strategic solutions—bringing experience, best practices, and an understanding of the multiple factors that impact your wealth.

Pre-Liquidity Planning

If you are a company founder or family business owner approaching a liquidity event, we bring expertise, strategic thinking, and best practices to help you understand and plan for the financial implications of a transaction. Critical decisions regarding your personal planning goals are best made well in advance of a transaction. Our professionals have worked with hundreds of clients from both the wealth management and investment banking perspectives and begin with the most important question: What do you hope to achieve with the sale or recap of your business? From there, we provide guidance to help you maximize value creation, employ strategies to improve tax efficiency while protecting assets, and ultimately achieve your longer-term goals.