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Putting the Tech in Biotech: A Deep Dive on AI in the Sector

In this inaugural episode of Biotech Breakthroughs, equity research group head Tim Lugo speaks about the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on the biotechnology industry, including the ways in which AI is revolutionizing drug development, impacting valuations, and the potential risks that lie ahead.

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Transitions in Value: Technology

When the world changes, opportunities to find value may present themselves. Here are some recent examples of technology sector segments that are being affected by transitions. This article is featured on William Blair Investment Management's Active Never Rests site.

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Quick Reference Guide to Retirement Plans

Understanding the nuances between retirement plans can be challenging. William Blair’s Quick Reference Guide to Retirement Plans compares and contrasts features such as account establishment, account contributions, and accessibility.

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Thinking Differently About Recruiting

While the Blair Connect summer internship program is only two years old, it’s already impacting how we approach recruiting, says Drew Buckley, CFA, partner, and research analyst on the global equity team.

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Cultivating a Passion for Finance

Yan Krasov, CFA, partner, and research analyst on the U.S. growth and core equity team, explains how the Blair Connect summer internship program allows students to discover unique career opportunities in finance.

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