William Blair acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Advanced Micro Instruments (AMI), a portfolio company of McNally Capital, in connection with its sale to Enpro Inc. (NYSE: NPO). The transaction closed on January 29, 2024.

About the Companies

Based in Costa Mesa, CA, AMI is a provider of highly-engineered, application-specific oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and moisture analyzers that detect, measure, and monitor critical parameters to maintain infrastructure integrity, enable process efficiency, and facilitate the energy transition.

McNally Capital is a family-owned private equity firm targeting thesis-driven investments in the United States., specifically founder and management-owned companies. Formed by the McNally family, who owned and operated Rand McNally & Company, McNally Capital is dedicated to upholding a 140 plus year legacy as a family-owned and operated company. The firm’s mission is to harness the financial, intellectual, and human capital of the family office and investor ecosystem to build value for investors, management teams, and portfolio companies.

Enpro is a leading industrial technology company focused on critical applications across many end-markets, including semiconductor, industrial process, commercial vehicle, sustainable power generation, aerospace, food and pharma, photonics, and life sciences. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Enpro is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NPO.

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