Did you know our capabilities include borrowing and lending, cash management, and fixed income? Clients who have eligible securities to use as collateral for borrowing or to loan out for earning income or who wish to reevaluate their cash and fixed-income deployment turn to William Blair professionals for guidance and strategic solutions.

Borrowing and Lending

Secure short-term financing to meet your business or personal needs with a range of borrowing and lending strategies. Using your eligible assets as collateral, you may be able to borrow against securities held in your account(s) at William Blair. You can also earn income on your assets by loaning out eligible securities through the securities lending market.

Cash Management

Cash and cash equivalents can be an essential element of your financial plan and investment portfolio, providing portfolio stability, liquidity, and assets for short-term or unexpected needs. It is a lower-risk investment and can be a significant factor in budgeting and cash management for those planning for a job transition or anticipating a tax return or a tuition payment, among other needs.

Fixed Income

Fixed income is a key component of any asset allocation decision. In constructing fixed-income portfolios for our clients, we carefully analyze the credit and interest rate risks and opportunities of an array of fixed-income securities.