New Planning Guide Available: How Investors Win With 10 Key Strategies

December 2020 / 1 min
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Given the uncertainties created in 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic and political landscape, now is a good time to evaluate your tax and wealth-management plans.

To help, William Blair just released a year-end planning guide, How Investors Win With 10 Key Planning Strategies. It highlights 10 strategies that high-net-worth individuals, families, philanthropists, and business owners can consider now or during 2021 to help meet their long-term financial and wealth-transfer goals. In particular, given today’s ultra-low interest rate environment and the historically high tax exemption level, many families are taking a closer look at their portfolios, estate plans, and individual circumstances to take advantage of this unusual situation.

Planning strategies highlighted in 2020 guide:

  1. Reassess Near- and Long-Term Goals
  2. Review Current Estate Plan
  3. Consider Using Historically High Lifetime Tax Exemption
  4. Plan Annual Gifting
  5. Evaluate Wealth Strategies in a Low Interest Rate Environment
  6. Assess Roth IRA Conversion
  7. Evaluate Asset Allocation and Location
  8. Review Milestone Retirement Ages
  9. Determine Year-End Charitable Planning
  10. Effect Change Through Philanthropy

More information is available in William Blair’s report: How Investors Win With 10 Key Planning Strategies.

To discuss these wealth planning strategies, contact your William Blair wealth advisor or email PWM.

This information has been prepared solely for informational purposes and is not intended to provide or should not be relied upon for accounting, legal, tax, or investment advice. We recommend consulting your attorney, tax advisor, investment, or other professional advisor about your particular situation.